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Go Green! Move Green! Our reusable plastic moving boxes are the Eco-Smart choice over traditional cardboard boxes. Consistent in size and application to traditional cardboard boxes, these durable, Eco-Friendly corrugated plastic boxes will save money, and add tremendous lift to your box inventory.
  • Cheaper (cost per use) than cardboard
  • Knock-down like cardboard
  • Stronger and more durable than cardboard
  • Reduction in claims due to better protection
  • Less tape needed
  • Easy to clean
  • 100% recyclable

  • Commercial and/or residential moves
  • Local rental programs
  • Retail
Corrugated Plastic 1.5cu ft Moving Box
Plastic Moving Box - 3.0cu ft
Reusable Moving Boxes - 4.5cu ft
4.5cu ft Plastic Moving Box
1.5cu ft
3.0cu ft
4.5cu ft - Tall
4.5cu ft - Long
Eco-Friendly Product
Eco-Friendly Moving Boxes - 6.0cu ft
Reusable Corrugated Plastic Dish Pack
Corrugated Plastic Wardrobe Box
6.0cu ft
Dish Pack
18x18x28.5 - 5.3cu ft
RTP’s corrugated plastic moving containers are not meant to entirely replace cardboard, but they provide huge savings for local and self-haul household and commercial moves.  Cardboard might still be used for long distance moves or for boxes that will be put into storage.  Customers will be more willing to pay for more durable, longer lasting storage containers that will better protect their belongings. These reusable containers will pay for themselves in only a few trips providing your customer with the most bang for their buck.

Customer comments:

“….the integral strength, claims reduction and water resistance that these containers provide will be a real plus to our system.”

“As cardboard prices continue to rise, I think these reusable cartons will not only create substantial savings, but also provide an opportunity to increase profit margins in this highly competitive industry.”

“The wardrobes have proven to be far stronger than the same cardboard ones – I tested them side by side, and the cardboard wasn’t even close!”

“After several uses the plastic boxes show no real sign of wear…I would have had to replace cardboard ones by now. They also assemble much more quickly than the cardboard boxes, so we’re saving time that way.”


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