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Distribution Containers - Specs

Plastic Distribution Containers With Attached Lids

Dependable distribution totes and materials handling hand-held containers are a crucial component to operating and matintaining efficiency in an operation. These plastic hand-held shipping containes are designed for nesting and stacking to help save precious space when shipping or storing. Enjoy the benefits of using reusable plastic hand-held distribution containers now and recycle these plastic nestable totes at the end of their life and help save our planet.

Features and Benefits of Nestable Totes With Attached Lids:

  • Ergonomically designed “Comfort Fit” handles promote proper body
    mechanics when lifting attached lid distribution containers.
  • Hand-held distribution containers have heavy-duty attached lid slots
    for security cable tote ties
  • “Flipak” “FlapNest” plastic distribution container design with hinged
    attached lids offers tamper-evident security when used in conjunction
    with our plastic cable tote ties
  • Grabtrack” plastic distribution tote bottom provides superior conveyance
  • Plastic distribution containers available with recessed, strapping, or flat top
    lid options based on your specific material handling container requirements.
  • Our “Flipak” “FlapNest” plastic distribution container attached lid design features thicker squared-off
    nesting stops for improved stacking height during container storage and container shipment.
  • Plastic containers come standard with designated textured label area that allows stick-on labels to be quickly released and removed from the plastic distribution container.