Custom Products

Custom Plastic Pallets, Metal Shipping Frames, and Containers

Customized reusable packaging: If you can dream it, we can build it.

Customizable products enable a precise match of container, pallet, bin and any custom container. Our team has decades of experience helping our clients build the perfect customized containers, pallets, bins and racks for any use.

Custom built packaging is the perfect solution for efficient item transport, handling and distribution throughout a multitude of industries. Custom shipping and storage products of any size can be engineered to perfectly match capacity and load requirements, while remaining affordable and reusable. Customization allows for increased efficiency and customer satisfaction by reducing labor and costs.

— Popular customizations include —

Custom Plastic Welding

Custom Reusable Plastic Bulk Container
Custom Reusable Plastic Bulk Container

Custom fabricated plastic containers feature a wide range of available features to help ease workload, increase efficiency, and reduce overall costs. Custom containers can be assembled to perfectly match application in most any industry custom bulk container modifications may be applied to length, width, or height and have collapsed or fixed walls. Features include: Metal reinforcements, custom length, width, and volume, custom HDPE dunnage, removable panels, drainage holes, frame choice, caster options, among many others:

  • Frame Options: Steel, powder coated steel, aluminum, plastic, polymer, HDPE.
  • Customize Casters: Large variety of plastic, polymer, steel, and assorted load capacity.
  • Additional: Dividers, lids locking and security features, instruction packets.
  • Security Features: Optional locks, locking lids, extra thick reinforced walls.
  • Resistant Materials: Waterproofing available, UV, chemical, mold resistant.
  • Weight Load: Custom carts can match heavy load requirements per request.
  • Custom Fabrication: Custom carts, created per-order, inquire about lead time.
  • Labeling: Stenciling, graphics, molded lettering, vinyl lettering, numbering.


Custom Plastic Rotomolding

Custom Rotomolded Plastic Bulk Tubs
Custom Rotomolded Plastic Bulk Tubs

Custom rotational molding begins when heated powdered or pulverized forms of thermoplastics, such as Polyethylene (PE) or Polypropylene (PP) is placed into a machine that rotates and heats a custom mold on both the vertical and the horizontal axis. Rotomolding allows a wide variety of build styles, reliable wall thickness, and customizations like inserts, threads, handles, uppercuts and molded in color graphics to be administered.

Rotocasting is trusted as an industry standard for reliable custom part creation for use in a wide variety of commercial, industrial and residential applications. Short lead times, consistent wall thickness, and overall dependability at an affordable cost.

  • Computer Controlled: Precision manufacturing ensures product quality, reduces labor.
  • Customize:Customization process allows for the perfect match of container to application.
  • Applications: Benefits industrial usage, commercial benefits, and personal at-home use.
  • Rotomolding: Reusable polymers are lightweight, yet reliable, affordable and rugged.
  • Recyclable: Plastic components can be fully recycled and returned to service.
  • Affordable: Minimal upkeep costs, highly efficient yet low cost and maintenance.
  • Maximize Use: Efficient racking, stacking, nesting, and much more.


Custom Plastic Thermoforming

Custom Thermoformed Plastic Container Lid
Custom Thermoformed Plastic Container Lid

Custom thermoforming is well known and trusted industry standard throughout a wide variety of industries associated with item delivery, transport, distribution, harvesting and handling. Plastic thermoforming is far less expensive than injection molding, requires less tooling, and is similarly durable, reliable, and rugged. High design customizability is particularly helpful for customized machine housings, bezels, and enclosures that are difficult, or costly to create with other materials.

High grade polymers are fully reusable and won’t fade rust or crack even under stress. Low cost, high performance and fully customizable thermoformed components helps safeguard valuable materials, while reducing overall inhouse costs. Can be designed specifically to your requirements with a much lower tooling investment that alternative methods. 

  • Reliable: End-to-end plastic manufacturing ensures low cost, high performance production.
  • Customize: Hot stamping, labeling, custom placards, urethane details, color choices.
  • Cut Costs: Reduces product loss, increases product protection while remaining lightweight.
  • Affordable: Customized thermoformed products are cost-effective, reduces expenses.
  • Applications: Food packaging, retail packaging, medical equipment packaging, transport.
  • Reusable: Thermoformed components are known for their reusability and sturdy design.
  • Build Style: Choose from most any size, arrangement, volume or custom dimension.


Custom Metal Fabrication

Custom Metal Rack Fabrication
Custom Metal Fabrication

For the perfect match to most any heavy duty application, custom metal containers, pallets and moldings can be created on-demand. Custom metal fabrications enable precise fit to build preferences, and optimal efficiency at an affordable entry cost. Metal containers, pallets, bins, custom products and more can be built on-demand to satisfy customer needs. Metal containers and pallets have exceptional load strength and durability, and are of benefit in particularly rough demanding applications.

Perfect for:

  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive applications
  • Commercial industries, such as resource mining, waste management, construction, and demolition

Services include laser cutting, CNC punching, forming, rolling, welding, finishing, and a large variety of shop services, which can produce a unique and to-order metal product.

Precision machining ensures that each custom metal product exceeds customer satisfaction. Can be built with exotic, standard and non-standard metal upon request.


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