48 x 40 – One Way, Nestable Plastic Pallet – Open Deck


Hexacomb Pallet Design

When empty, plastic pallets nest atop one another for cost-effective return freight and storage space use.

  • Load Capacity:  Up to 2,400 static load and up to 2,000 dynamic load
  • Maximize Transport:  2,040 units fit in a 53’ trailer, stack of 68 per column
  • Sanitary:  Resistant to mold, insects, and other contaminants
  • FDA Approved: Food safe or fire-retardant pallets available
  • Safe Handling:  No splinters, broken wood, or nails
  • 100% Recyclable:  Plastics are fully reusable at end of service life
  • Optional Accessories:  Runners available to help streamline transport
  • Uses: Single-use shipping for manufacturing, retail, distribution centers, chain stores
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One-way pallets are designed to maximize space and to protect products during transport while remaining a comparatively affordable option. Plastic one-way pallets are constructed from high-quality polyethylene to resist damage from impact and withstand the rigors of transport. Affordable one-way pallets nest to significantly reduce per pallet shipping costs and warehousing footprint.

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53' Trailer Capacity - Reduced