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24 x 16 x 5 – Agricultural Handheld Container

24 x 16 x 5 – Agricultural Handheld Container

SKU: ACH5524165

  • Stackable:  Stacking design greatly increases storage and transport efficiency
  • Nestable:  Nest when empty and with 180° turn, stack to save space
  • Optimal Ventilation:  Vents on sides, ends and bottom maximizes thermal regulation
  • Customized Labeling:  Name and/or logo can be hot-stamped on one or both ends
  • UV Stabilizer:  Optional additional UV resistance helps prevent sun-deterioration
  • Food Grade:  FDA and USDA food-safe polyethylene construction
  • Improved Handles:  Ergonomic, easy to use grips for streamlined handling
  • Temperature Resistant:  Freezer-safe, perfect for keeping fruits and vegetables cool
  • Rugged HDPE:  Durable construction and materials allow for long product lifespan
  • 100% Recyclable:  Reusable polymers can be fully recycled at end of service life

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Handheld agricultural harvesting containers provide optimized thermal regulation, superior product protection and streamlined handling for delicate agricultural, and harvest-related items.  A perfect match for smaller fruits like raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, grapes, while also supporting the shellfish and fishing industries.  With multiple sizes, applications and options to customize, these handheld agricultural harvesting containers help reduce costs, increase transport efficiency, while keeping the contents safe.

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