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39 x 56 – Pallet & Top Cap

39 x 56 – Pallet & Top Cap

SKU: TC3956T49

Rackable:  Pallets can be vertically racked for optimized warehousing and storage.
Stackable:  Efficient and organized stacking reduces, storage space and return transport costs.
Conveyer Friendly:  Pallets and covers integrate seamlessly into conveyor systems.
Recyclable:   Eco-conscious polymers can be fully recycled and reused.
Built in Belt:  Seat belt system safely provides additional security and cargo support.
Reusable:  Pallets and covers are meant for extended use, and many complete transit cycles.
Top Cap:  Secures cargo, provides additional support and security during storage and transport.
Durable:  Built from industry-trusted HDPE materials that are long lasting, rugged, and reliable.

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Plastic pallets can be loaded to any needed height, and securely fastened for safe and reliable shipping  and top caps allow pallets to be loaded to any needed height, and with a  providing secure the cargo with the top cap of containers. Top caps are secured to pallets using a seat belt system, where the belt is built into the pallet and snaps into the top cap for secure shipping. Pallets with top caps can stack on top of one another for optimized use of space during shipping or storage. When there are no totes on top of the pallet, the top cap can sit on top of the pallet and lock into place.


Length (in.)39.0
Width (in.)56.0
Height (in.)6.5
Tare Weight (lbs.)22.17
Static Capacity (lbs.)-
Dynamic Capacity (lbs.)-
Static Edge-Racking Capacity (lbs.)-
Lip (in.)1.0
Fork/Hand Truck Entry4-way
Base Configuration-
Mold Process-
Pallet Quantity-
53' Truckload Capacity-

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