Fiberglass Containers and Fiberglass Totes

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09 x 06 x 05 – Fiberglass Container

Fiberglass containers are the perfect solution for material handling operations in demanding and sensitive environments. High-strength, glass-reinforced composite containers are dimensionally stable in a wide range of temperatures (-60° to 250°F; -50° to 121°C). Fiberglass containers will not sag, bend, or corrode, and they are more reliable than metal, wood, or cardboard alternatives.

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18 x 11 x 05 – Fiberglass Container

Fiberglass containers come in a variety of sizes to match any application. Food-safe materials and smooth, non-porous surfaces make fiberglass containers, boxes, bins, and trays commonplace in the food service, pharmaceutical, cannabis, and confectionary industries. But their use doesn’t stop there. With their wide variety of styles and sizes, fiberglass containers’ are used for processes as varied as dough proofing, gel cap drying, medical equipment storage, herb drying, and conveyor manufacturing.

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