Plastic Pallets

Discover the efficiency and durability of our  plastic pallets, which are perfect for retail, distribution, and export. Lightweight yet robust, our plastic pallets come in various styles, including rack-compatible and nestable, with open or closed deck options, plus 4-way fork access.

Reusable Transport Packaging offers a vast selection of industrial plastic pallets ready to ship, including sizes from compact to GMA-standard (40″ x 48″) and extended lengths, suitable for small and large loads. Please choose from our extensive collection of plastic pallets for sale, including versatile plastic shipping pallets and durable plastic skids, to streamline your logistical operations.

Plastic pallets offer many advantages over traditional wooden pallets. Unlike wooden pallets, they do not splinter or contain any nails,  which eliminates workplace hazards. Additionally, plastic pallets are available in more configurations, and can be designed and manufactured with reinforcements for increased weight capacities and edge-racking capabilities. Unlike wooden pallets, they do not need to conform to the ISPM 15 standard, which greatly simplifies overall logistics and recordkeeping.

How To Shop For Plastic Pallets

Pallet Type: Stackable Pallets

Stackable pallets feature bottom support features that allow them to stack securely on top of one another, and for fully loaded pallets to be safely stacked on top of one another for storage and transport. They also feature interlocking tabs for safe, secure stacking when empty.

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Pallet Type: Rackable Pallets

Rackable pallets are specifically designed to be used in specialized pallet racks. They typically feature a full picture frame base for maximum rigidity, and are engineered for heavier load capacities. Rackable pallets can be used in an edge rack, where the pallet is supported by both side edges, which frees up floor space for other operations.

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Pallet Type: Nestable Pallets

Nestable pallets are designed with concave, recessed feet, which allows the pallets to nest inside each other when empty. This provides incredible space efficiency, which saves money on return shipping and storage.

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Pallet Type: One-Way/Export Pallets

One-way pallets, also called export pallets, are lightweight plastic pallets that are designed to offer the same weight capacities as wood pallets, but with a lighter tare weight and the added benefits of being resistant to mold, mildew and pests.

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Pallet Type: Distribution Pallets

Distribution pallets are available in nestable, rackable and stackable designs, but are specifically designed to combine higher weight capacities with lower tare weights to safely handle heavier loads throughout distribution channels.

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Pallet Type: Beverage Pallets

Beverage pallets are specialized to accommodate common multipack footprints and pack patterns found in the beverage industry. Beverage pallets are available in smaller sizes for retail applications, or in larger footprints for distribution applications.

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Pallet Type: Retail Pallets

Retail pallets provide attractive in-aisle or endcap displays and offer efficient material handling for storage and shipment. Retail pallets are sized to negotiate tighter retail spaces and can be easily set up in a warehouse or distribution area. To reduce labor costs and maximize storage space, retail pallets can be moved directly to the sales floor upon arrival.

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Pallet Type: Metal Pallets

Constructed from lightweight aluminum with welded seams, metal pallets eliminate mechanical fasteners that may break or fail. The aluminum can be highly polished or anodized to provide even greater protection from mold or bacteria. Metal pallets can withstand extreme temperatures from freezers or drying ovens and are non-combustible.

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48" x 40" – One Way/Export, Nestable Plastic Pallet

Weighing only 11 lbs., but rated for loads up to 3,500 lbs., these plastic export pallets are the perfect combination of value and strength. Incredibly cost effective and ideal for both one-way and closed loop supply chain operations.

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Rackable Plastic Pallets: Built Tough

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