Metal Transport And Storage Solutions

High quality metal bulk containers, metal rack systems, metal carts and metal pallets are rugged reusable solutions for transporting and storing a wide range of products. If you have a unique application that calls for a specific size or feature set, RTP will help you find the ideal custom fabricated solution to meet and exceed your needs.

Metal Containers, Racks, Carts & Pallets

Metal Bulk Containers

Metal bulk containers offer durability, versatility and stackability that makes them suitable for a wide range of storage applications.

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Metal Rack Systems

Modular metal rack systems offer the ability to be configured to best suit your space, maximizing your storage capabilities. These metal rack systems can be used as pallets, allowing facilities to entirely eliminate traditional pallets from their supply stream.

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Metal Carts

Wire security carts offer a clean method of storage and quick visual identification of inventory for streamlined internal operations.

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Metal Pallets

Metal pallets are ideal for material handling applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries, as pallets feature a smooth and easy to clean surface and are made from safe, hygienic materials. Constructed from lightweight aluminum with welded seams, metal pallets do not feature mechanical fasteners that may break or fail.

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Custom Metal Fabrication

For the perfect match for any heavy duty application, custom metal containers, pallets, and moldings can be created on-demand. Custom metal fabrications enable precise fit, build-to-suit preferences, and optimal efficiency at an affordable entry cost.

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