Extend Your Investment with Our Buyback Program

Buyback & Trade In

We Buy-Back Plastic Pallets and Containers

Our durable, reusable plastic pallets and containers can outlive the needs of the projects for which they were purchased. Businesses change over time. Fortunately, our plastic pallets and containers can often be reused over and over again for other applications.

At Reusable Transport Packaging, we believe in our products, and we love to see them used, refurbished, and re-used. As such, we’re proud to offer an exceptional buy-back program.

When your container or pallet needs change, we’ll gladly make you an offer to buy-back the used containers and pallets. We provide competitive offers, either to buy the products outright or to issue a generous credit for the value of the products. Should you need additional products right away, we’re also able to make trade-in offers for qualifying containers and pallets.


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