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Plastic Totes & Trays & Crates

World's Largest Inventory of Handheld Plastic Containers, Totes, Trays, and Crates

World's Largest Inventory of Handheld Plastic Containers, Totes, Trays, and Crates

Plastic Totes & Trays & Crates

Plastic Totes, Crates, RPCs, and Trays

Buy the best plastic totes, containers, and trays from Reusable Transport Packaging. We offer the best products at the best prices, and we have the best selection in the United States.

The plastic totes and trays from Reusable Transport Packaging are the ideal alternative to cardboard and other paper-based packaging options. Plastic is durable and will last for years, allowing you to get far more value for your money. Plus, plastic totes and trays are better for the environment and operational efficiency, as they eliminate the waste created by transporting, processing, and storing goods in one-time-use packaging.

RTP has over 25 years of experience in providing the best-quality shipping and storage containers for businesses of all kinds. We use this expertise to help you choose the ideal products for your company. So, turn to us for the best selection of plastic totes, bins, and trays and make your supply chain more efficient.

Handheld plastic containers come in every imaginable size and style. From the attached lid totes used throughout retail distribution to collapsible RPCs, the number of features is endless. Our containers are used to harvest produce, store inventory, sort components, distribute merchandise, and much more. Found everywhere from warehouse shelves to assembly conveyors to grocers’ coolers, plastic containers are essential to every supply chain.

RTP Has the Industrial Plastic Totes and Trays You Need

RTP carries an incredibly large selection of handheld plastic totes and trays so our customers know they can always find just the right shipping container with us. We also work with companies in many different industries – including retail, manufacturing, grocery, farming, and more – so we understand the various features that companies require in their plastic shipping and processing  containers. Our plastic totes and trays include styles such as:

At RTP, we understand that business moves at a rapid pace, so you don’t have much time to spend gathering quotes and waiting on your plastic totes and trays to arrive. That’s why we provide same-day quotes and house our extensive inventory in warehouses throughout the country so that we can ship them to you from the most desirable location.

For more information on our plastic totes and containers, contact Reusable Transport Packaging today. We provide quick quotes and are happy to discuss your logistics project with you.