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Container Pooling & Logistics (ContainerPAL) is a service division of Reusable Transport Packaging, Inc. Through ContainerPAL, we rent the industry’s leading bulk containers, harvest bins, liquid containers, distribution totes, harvest lugs, plastic pallets, and more. We offer flexible terms, including monthly, seasonal, and annual container rentals. This provides our clients, from farms to industrial manufacturers, the just-in-time scalability to meet their goals and service their customers, while minimizing their financial investment.

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Why Rent Containers, Bins, and Pallets?

Renting containers and pallets can be the perfect solution for businesses facing a wide number of opportunities, including:

  • Seasonal production surges
  • Temporary storage situations
  • Inventory relocations
  • One-way logistics
  • Limited investment capital
  • Trial or pilot programs

Renting containers and pallets can often reduce short-term costs, making it the perfect solution for situations involving brief usage or limited annual budgets. Renting can also reduce long-term costs associated with storing unused containers and pallets. Our clients also love the efficiency of having access to a scalable and wide range of products — delivered both where needed and when needed.


Types of Rentals

Retail Distribution & Moving Container Rentals

Save money while saving the environment! Our rental moving boxes are clean, green, and durable. Our rental plastic moving totes have attached lids for easy packing and stacking. We also rent an array of the leading bulk containers, display containers, trays, and more. If you are a moving company or distributor, our rental containers are the answer to the cardboard problem. Short term and long term rentals are available to make your transport more affordable, efficient, and safe. Go.

Manufacturing Bulk Container & Pallet Rentals

WCollapsible Bulk Container - 48x45x34e are your company’s best choice for complete container rental, container tracking, container pooling, and container logistics services. We rent durable, dry bulk containers, such as the popular 48″ x 45″ x 34″ industry standard collapsible bulk containers, which are designed to serve automotive manufacturing, consumer goods manufacturing, moving industries, as well as many other related industries. Our industrial manufacturing packaging rental fleet also includes durable plastic pallets, attached lid containers, dollies, and more. Go.


Food Processing Containers

Plastic Liquid IBC Bulk Container

We rent durable liquid bulk rental containers, such as the popular Buckhorn Caliber 315 gallon collapsible liquid bulk container, designed to serve the food processing, beverage, dairy, cosmetic, and non-hazardous chemical markets, as well as many other related industries. Our dry goods and produce container inventory includes bulk containers, produce trays, and more. We’ve got containers for every purpose — in stock and ready to rent. Our food processing rentals are USDA/HACCP compliant, sanitary, convenient, and efficient. Go.

Agricultural Rentals

We provide farmers and food processors with a range of bulk and handheld containers designed specifically to meet their needs. For instance, our ever-popular 48″ x 40″ x 31″ plastic bulk agriculture containers are available with walls that are either fixed or collapsible and solid or vented, providing options to accommodate nearly every harvest. To accommodate every harvest from berries to gourds, we also feature a full rental line of stackable produce trays and harvest lugs. Our agricultural rentals are USDA/HACCP compliant, sanitary, durable, lightweight, and easily moved. Go.

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