Corrugated Plastic Products

From mail totes to collapsible corrugated plastic boxes, we’ve got the corrugated plastic containers you need to carry your business forward.

Featured Product

16 x 12 x 08 – Corrugated Plastic Tote

Corrugated plastic totes are perfect for small item management storage, transport and handling and offer optimal carrying capacities while remaining lightweight, affordable and reusable.  A lightweight and strong alternative to molded plastic, wood, and metal containers. 

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14 x 12 x 07 – Corrugated Plastic Box

Corrugated plastic boxes are ideal for automotive parts,  inventory control,  the factory floor, product or document storage, and protection. Versatile lightweight design is highly maneuverable and can be relied on to safely transport and store items. Reusable plastic construction is far more efficient than cardboard, wood, or metal boxes. Affordable and reliable container that helps reduce bottom-line and in-house costs.

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