Specialty Storage Containers

In addition to our full range of standard bulk containers and intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), our specialty containers are designed to solve some of the toughest industrial and supply chain challenges. Browse our inventory, or let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll be happy to help you find the very best specialized industrial containers.

Featured Products

48" x 40" x 46" – Powder & Resin Bin

The perfect storage and transport solution for powder and resin. The rigid plastic construction allows the containers to be both stackable and collapsible, allowing for massive savings in return transport and warehousing and Injection-molded design prevents leakage. Reduce packaging costs and perfect for long-term outdoor storage, rail transport, and bulk warehousing, and commercial distribution.


39" x 31" x 38" – 105 Gallon Nestable Liquid Intermediate Bulk Container With Bottom Discharge

IBC’s offers clean, strong, and safe storage of bulk goods as well as food grade for hygienic transport. The IBC design features unique stacking and nesting capabilities that result in a 6:1 return ratio. This IBC is water-tight, has secure seals, a pressure relief valve, a 2″ discharge valve, a pin-secured lid, and a screw-on round portal lid. Easy top access allows for access even when stacked. Choosing IBCs reduces packaging transport and distribution costs.


Specialty Containers