Durable Packaging, Totes, Pallets, and Containers for Moving and Storage

Get industrial-strength containers and plastic pallets at the lowest prices — the perfect solution to add value to moving and storage businesses.

Moving & Storage Plastic Reusables

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Read our moving & storage product guide brochure for a quick briefing of our catalog of reusable plastic moving & storage containers.

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Pallets for Warehouse Storage

The great attention to design and detail that was put into these plastic pallets grant numerous benefits in the storage industry, like efficient energy costs, streamlined labor efforts, ensured work safety, reduced unnecessary operation exertion, and an overall decrease in cost of business.

Pallet Safety lips are a plastic pallet exclusive feature that reduces the likelihood of payload separating from the pallet, as well as allowing large pallet quantity block stacking. This plastic pallet feature will ultimately save you a lot of time and money during warehouse storage operations, that would be wasted if you were to use wooden pallets.

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