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Cannabis & Hemp

Industrial Containers and Equipment for Cannabis & Hemp Processing

Industrial Containers and Equipment for Cannabis & Hemp Processing

Cannabis & Hemp

Reusable Cannabis Containers & Processing Equipment

Reusable packaging containers are an invaluable part of the legalized cannabis industry. Industrial agricultural containers provide the best value, durability, and functionality for cannabis and hemp producers. The use of standard, industrial cannabis containers increases efficiency and helps to preserve the value of crops — positively impacting both the top line and bottom line of cannabusinesses. 

For more information about reusable cannabis containers, check out our informational overview of Commercial Cannabis Containers.


Why Use Reusable Containers for Cannabis? 

  • Outlasts all others, producing long-term savings 
  • Availability in any size from small harvest trays to pallet-sized curing containers 
  • Diverse array of features: ventilated, stackable, collapsible, lided, lockable, trackable, etc. 
  • Enables single-touch bucking, drying, curing, and storage 
  • More efficient than wood and paper-based containers 
  • Lightweight and heavy duty; carry heavier loads in lighter containers 
  • Hygienic and easy to clean 
  • Naturally pest, bacteria, moisture, rot, and fungus resistant 
  • Eco-friendly and 100% recyclable — go green while growing green