Bin Washer Solo 1000

SKU: DM-BW1000

  • Rugged stainless steel construction
  • Thermostatically controlled temperatures
  • External filter system with removable catch basket
  • 25 HP wash down duty, high efficiency motor
  • Adjustable cycle times
  • Separate pre-wash and wash tanks
  • Door operated by hydraulic cylinders
  • Automatic rinse diverter preserves detergent concentration
  • Installs at floor level or in a shallow pit
  • Steam or electric booster heating
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty

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The Bin Washer Solo 1000 washes and sanitizes plastic or stainless steel bulk bins and other large volume containers of similar size and weight. The bin washer accommodates one bulk container at a time.

A powerful bulk container washing machine, this model operates with a 25 HP pump. At a minimum of 80 PSI, it recirculates 325 GPM through the wash chamber, maximizing both cleaning power and efficiency.

Use is simple: A toggle switch activates the door and positions the container slightly more than 90 degrees inside the wash chamber. The start button initiates the cleaning cycle which consists of a recirculating pre-wash, recirculating wash, and a sanitizing rinse. A chain driven, rotating hub with stainless steel piping and jets clean the inside of the containers while piston driven, oscillating spray arms clean the exterior. An automatic rinse diverter is employed to keep the detergent wash tank from being diluted with rinse water.

Cycle times are fully adjustable to address a wide variety of soil conditions. Under average conditions, the Bin Washer Solo 1000 completes wash cycles in less than five minutes (one minute pre-wash, two minute wash, 22 second rinse, and one minute for steam evacuation).

From a stainless steel pump with a wash down duty motor to a UL 4X control panel, all components of this washing and sanitizing system have been selected to operate in a wet environment using caustic detergents.

Washers are built to order. We offer a variety of options and upgrades to suit the needs of different industries or to meet personal design preferences. Contact our team for full descriptions and assistance.


Door: Double skinned, stainless steel, with two hydraulic cylinders for automatic operation.

Wash Mechanisms: Chain driven, rotating hub with stainless steel piping to clean the inside of containers and compressed air, piston driven oscillating spray arms for coverage on the outside. Fitted with stainless steel high velocity V jets.

Filtration: Soil filter diverter is located above the water line and is sloped to drain solids to outside filter tank, accessed through a removable lid on the left side of the machine.

Electrical Panel and Controls: Electrical control panel is UL 4X stainless steel with Square “D” components. Optional panel disconnect available. 120 volt control circuit, Zelio Smart Relay with lighted “POWER ON” switch, “START” and “STOP” buttons, “RUN” indicator light, “OPEN/CLOSE” door switch, and short, medium or long “WASH CYCLE SELECTOR” switch. Complete recirculating pre-wash, recirculating wash, sanitizing rinse, and dwell/fan cycles initiated by pushing the “START” button. Pre-wash, wash, and rinse cycles adjustable. Optional Schneider Modicon PLC with Magellis 5.7” color interface touch screen including ethernet and data logging capabilities is available. Washer factory wired with hard aluminum conduit and tested prior to shipment.

Gauges: Special moisture resistant pre-wash, wash, and rinse thermometers and liquid filled pump pressure gauges.

Recirculating Pre-Wash and Wash Tanks: Stainless steel with electric or steam coil heating, thermostatically controlled, low-water protected, sloped to drain with a 169 gallon pre-wash tank capacity and 187 gallon wash tank capacity.

Tank Diverter: Air cylinder operated to automatically direct water flow to the proper tank.

Sanitizing Rinse: Uses 12 gallons per 22-second cycle at 20 PSI flow. 180° F sanitizing rinse water supplied to unit by customer or optional 36 gallon pumped rinse tank heated by electric or steam coil.

Weight: Approximately 8,000 lbs.

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