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Agriculture Containers

Agriculture Containers for Every Budget and Every Harvest

Agriculture Containers for Every Budget and Every Harvest

Agriculture Containers

Agriculture Containers

For reusable plastic agricultural containers, there is no better company to turn to than Reusable Transport Packaging. Farms, growers, and processors throughout America and around the world use our reusable plastic agricultural containers. From handheld harvest lugs used for hand-picked produce to pallet-sized bulk containers used in fields, groves, and orchards, we have all of the containers you need.

They’re washable, food-safe, and able to be used in all weather, processing, and storage conditions. Plus, because our agriculture containers are plastic instead of cardboard or wood, they help your business preserve produce, eliminate waste, and reduce shipping costs.

Plastic Agriculture Containers in All Sizes and Styles

We offer virtually any plastic agriculture container you could need, including:

  • Handheld harvest containers – also known as picking lugs or trays – in an array of sizes, whether you need to hold peanuts or pumpkins
  • Reusable plastic bulk harvest bins, a necessity for any large produce operation
  • Food processing bins that are light and exceptionally durable making them ideal for in-plant handling
  • Collapsible RPC containers that maximize storage and return shipping costs
  • Vented bulk containers, lugs, and RPCs, to ensure proper temperature regulation, gas exposure, oxygenation, and drainage

What’s more, our agricultural containers can come with features that further enhance the efficiency of your operation, such as label holders, secure stacking components, RFID technology, collapsible sidewalls, structural reinforcements, interior dividers, drainage holes, vents, nesting storage, ergonomic handles, custom branding, and more.


Food Safe Containers

You can be sure that any agriculture container you purchase from Reusable Transport Packaging is deemed food safe. That’s because we understand that plastic containers aren’t just more sustainable and better for your bottom line than wood or cardboard, but they are also safer. Plastic containers are nonporous, so they do not absorb liquids and are far less susceptible to mold and mildew growth. Their smooth interior walls protect produce from abrasion. They are also easier to sanitize between shipments than wood. In fact, according to Food Safety News, there has never been a documented food safety issue associated with the use of reusable plastic containers in the U.S. or Canada.

To learn more about the many types of plastic agriculture containers we have available, contact Reusable Transport Packaging today. We provide quick quotes and can deliver our products quickly from multiple warehouses throughout the country.