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48 x 40 – Distribution Pallet

SKU: D4840S03

  • Heavy Duty:  Dynamic loads up to 5,000 lbs static loads up to 25,000 lbs, depending on model
  • Food Safe:  Made from USDA approved, food safe materials
  • Ergonomic Handling:  Easy lifting, gripping and maneuvering
  • 4-Way Entry:  Perfect for forklift access, handling, and expedited transport
  • 100% recyclable:  Polymers are fully recyclable, eco-friendly
  • Compatible:  With a variety of material handling applications
  • Optional Accessories:  Color options, labeling, numbering, multiple footprints

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Distribution pallets provide superior product protection and space saving features in an affordable, reusable, and lightweight package. Reusable plastic pallets offer high load carrying capacity, stable handling, affordability and can be recycled when out of service. Plastic pallets feature static load ratings from 11,000 to 25,000 lbs, depending on the model. Smooth surfaces are easy to clean, provide superior protection for contents and are safe for contact with food. Distribution pallets are built to withstand brutal material handling environments and maintain structural integrity under extreme temperatures, working conditions, and UV rays.


Length (in.)48.0
Width (in.)40.0
Height (in.)5.5
Tare Weight (lbs.)17.0
Static Capacity (lbs.)4500.0
Dynamic Capacity (lbs.)2000.0
Static Edge-Racking Capacity (lbs.)-
Lip (in.)-
Fork/Hand Truck Entry4-way
Base Configuration4-way
Mold Process-
Pallet Quantity-
53' Truckload Capacity2250.0

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