Commercial Cannabis Containers: The Cream of the Crop

Industrial Cannabis Marijuana Containers
Commercial Cannabis Containers: The Cream Of The Crop

With the ever-widening legalization of cannabis in Canada and the United States, growers are quickly embracing innovative solutions to optimize the handling and processing of medical and recreational marijuana. As America’s “largest cash crop” transitions from small scale pot growers to industrial cannabis operations, producers are scrambling to find the best ways to grow, harvest, process, store, and distribute everything from stem to bud.

Since the legalization of marijuana, reusable packaging containers have been an invaluable part of the cannabis industry. And while some growers are still dealing with the waste of household containers purchased from big box retailers, serious producers have rapidly adopted industrial-grade containers. Industrial agricultural containers provide the best value, durability, and functionality for the cannabis industry. The use of standard, industrial cannabis containers increases efficiency and helps to preserve the value of crops — positively impacting both the top line and bottom line of cannabusinesses.


The Top Reusable Containers for Cannabis

The Collapsible Cannabis Reusable Plastic Container (RPC)

Folding Reusable Plastic Crates

A favorite for cannabis growers, RPCs are perfectly suited to hand bucking, weighing, and drying. Lightweight, inexpensive, and durable, these plastic containers are an all-round best value. Growers can harvest buds directly into the containers. Their bases and top edges have nesting features that allow them to stack securely. The containers’ vented sidewalls and bases then allow for maximum airflow during drying. All this means the buds require only a single touch, reducing contamination and loss and potentially preserving cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. When not in use, the RPCs fold easily and stack securely — saving space and return freight costs.

Our Pick:

24 x 16 x 09 Agricultural RPC (Pictured)


Bulk Cannabis Harvest Containers

Collapsible Agricultural Harvest Bin with 2 Drop DoorsFor whole-plant cannabis harvesting, vented agricultural bulk containers provide the best value. From root to bud, these containers hold it all. Available in various sizes and heights, these containers are used to carry large quantities of cannabis. Built for field harvesting, resistant to contaminants, and easily washable, they are among the strongest and most durable bulk packaging products. Key design options include either fixed walls or collapsible walls, providing optimization for any operation.

Our Picks:

48 x 48 x 28 Fixed Wall Agricultural Container

48 x 40 x 33 Collapsible Bulk Container (Pictured)


Bulk Cannabis Storage & Curing Containers

Cannabis Storage Curing ContainerBulk cannabis storage containers feature strong forklift bases and reinforced sidewalls. Strong enough to hold liquids, these containers are as tough as it gets. They also feature tight-fitting lids that can be secured with straps or locks. Our latest model (pictured) includes a gas pressure relief valve, enabling the removal of methane gasses during cannabis curing. Many models also have convenient access doors and panels, enabling quick product review, quality assurance testing, and inventory. Like the bulk harvest containers, they’re available with either fixed or collapsible walls.

Our Picks:

39 x 31 x 38 Intermediate Bulk Container (Pictured)

48 x 40 x 46 Collapsible Agricultural Transport Bin


Cannabis Storage Totes

Handheld Straight Wall ContainerNeed a small or mid-sized storage option for your marijuana products? Instead of wasting money on household totes, upgrade and save money by buying best-in-class industrial totes. Available in virtually every size imaginable, these containers can optimize your cannabis storage needs. Options include a variety of lid designs, stack-and-nest features, colors, imprinting, and more.

Our Picks:

24 x 16 x 11 Stack and Nest Container (Pictured)

32 x 18 x 12 Handheld Container

17 x 11 x 08 Handheld Cross Stack Tub


Cannabis Distribution Containers

Commercial Cannabis Distribution ContainerWhen it comes to retail distribution, no container is more trusted than the iconic attached lid tote. With interlocking “finger” lids, strong hinges, and reinforced sidewalls these containers are built to last. They also nest when empty. These distribution containers are found on the trucks, loading docks, warehouse shelves, and retail floors of stores worldwide. Often used in pharmaceutical and drug stores, these containers are perfect for split packing cannabis related products for delivery.

Our Picks:

27 x 17 x 12 Attached Lid Container (Pictured)

Rolling Dolly for 27 x 12 x 12 Attached Lid Container (Pictured)


Why Use Reusable Packaging for Marijuana?

Simply put: Green should be green.

The cannabis industry is uniquely positioned to lead the agricultural industry in environmental responsibility. Free from the sunk costs and waste of antiquated agricultural operations, the legal cannabis industry has emerged into a packaging ecosystem fully stocked with options built through decades of proven innovation and agricultural best practices.

Plastic packaging is the most durable and sustainable option available to cannabis growers. In contrast to wasteful single-use and paper-based packaging, reusable plastic containers last for years. They’re lighter than metal, glass, and fiberglass alternatives, which improves distribution efficiency. And they’re fully recyclable.

Reusable packaging is also the cost-effective choice — saving green while going green while growing green. By choosing long-lasting, reusable plastic packaging, cannabis growers save money while preserving the environment.


Why Reusable Transport Packaging?

At Reusable Transport Packaging, we work with all of the leading reusable packaging manufacturers. Our independent expertise gives us the unique objectivity to help cannabis growers find the best possible industrial containers. Our business is built on helping our customers find the best containers at the very best prices. We’re trusted by thousands of growers, processors, distributors, and retailers to always provide the perfect packaging solution for every application.

Not sure what you need? Our solutions experts have unparalleled knowledge of the packaging industry. We help our partners analyze and optimize their cannabis operations. Contact us today for a free phone or on-site consultation.