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48 x 40 x 33 – Collapsible Bulk Container

SKU: CC30-404833-V-0

  • Protects Cargo:  Round corners and ventilation slots keep produce safe and fresh
  • Ergonomic Handling:  Ease maneuverability, increase transport efficiency
  • Forklift Entry:  Features 2-way or 4-way forklift access, aids mass transport
  • Lower Costs:  Lightweight container help improve shipping efficiency, reduces labor
  • Efficient Repair:  Bins retains shape for fewer maintenance issues, cheap to replace
  • Sanitary Design:  Non-porous surface resists contamination, and is easily sanitized
  • 100% Recyclable:  Reusable polymers can be fully recycled and reused
  • Rugged Plastics:  Construction materials are splinter resistant, reduces injuries
  • FDA Approved:  Food grade polymers can be used upon request
  • Customizable:  Label holders, ID options, color choices, gate options, build styles

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Constructed from FDA-approved polymers, bulk plastic bins are a reliable, injection molded item transport solution weighing up to 40% less than wooden and metal alternatives. Plastic collapsible bulk containers increase operation efficiencies for industrial manufacturers, automotive plants, cultural growers, harvesters, packers, and retailers. Heavy-duty plastic bins create tremendous environmental advantages by conserving materials and resources, lowering packaging costs and reducing waste. Collapsible design reduces overall transport costs, warehousing footprint and cuts return transport fees.


Outside Length (in.)40.0
Outside Width (in.)48.0
Outside Height (in.)33.0
Inside Length (in.)36.75
Inside Width (in.)44.75
Inside Height / Product Clearance (in.)26.875
Drop Door Options0,1,2
Container Volume (cu.ft.)27.2
Container Weight Capacity (lbs.)1500.0
Stack Height (Static/Dynamic)-
Collapsed Height (in.)12.1
Fork/Hand Truck Entry4-Way
Tare Weight (lbs.)105.0
Return Ratio3:1
Mold ProcessInjection Molded
Pallet Quantity-
53' Truck Capacity - Opened-
53' Truck Capacity - Collapsed270

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