Attached Lid Containers

We offer an extensive range of attached lid containers (ALCs) designed to meet the diverse needs of your operations. Known for their versatility, these containers are indispensable for order picking, closed-loop distribution, and storage applications. When it comes to safeguarding your valuables, our attached lid totes offer the peace of mind you seek. The lids snap closed securely, guarding your items against damage. Built for optimal functionality, these containers are easily stackable to maximize storage efficiency and conveniently nest when empty, freeing up valuable warehouse real estate. Their textured bottoms ensure a secure grip on conveyor belts and shelving systems.

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Attached Lid Totes For Personal Use

If you are looking for a couple of containers for personal/home use, you can buy right now over at our quick shop.

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Half Pallet Storage

The half pallet container is the world’s largest attached lid container, with integrated pallet feet. When used in conjunction with the Pallet Lid, it becomes the best bulk modular transport packaging system in the industry.

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27" x 17" x 12" Attached Lid Container

Perfect for split-case picking and shipping, these 27″ x 17″ x 12″ plastic containers lower overall transport costs, save fuel, and increase warehousing efficiency. Available in multiple sizes for a variety of applications.

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21" x 15" x 12" Attached Lid Container

Noted for having exceedingly long lifespans, plastic bins are a reliable, sturdy and easy-to-handle transport solution.

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24" x 20" x 12" Attached Lid Container

Plastic handheld attached lid containers are an industry standard for distribution, transportation, and retail. With reinforced corners and lids, attached lid bins keep contents safe and secure during all stages of transportation…

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