Collapsible Bulk Containers

We’re the go-to resource for a wide variety of reusable plastic collapsible bulk containers. Designed for seamless utility in manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, farming, and logistics, our collapsible containers provide both durability and functionality. A staple in the automotive and manufacturing sectors, these collapsible containers offer straightforward access to parts on assembly lines and efficient component transport within supply chains. Collapsible bulk containers with lids also bring an added layer of protection, ensuring your products arrive intact and unspoiled.

Featured Bulk Container

Heavy Duty 48" x 45" x 34" Collapsible Bulk Containers

Simply one of the best values in industrial bulk containers. Collapsible for easy storage and return freight savings. Reinforced for loads up to 1,800 lbs., making it extremely popular with manufacturers and industrial parts suppliers.

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48 x 40 x 46 – Extended Height Collapsible Bulk Container

Designed for transport, storage, and large item distribution, this 48″ x 40″ collapsible bulk container stacks and collapses flat in seconds dramatically increasing the quantity per truckload on return shipments.

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64 x 48 x 34 – Extended Length Collapsible Bulk Container

This extended length bulk container handles automotive parts, pipes, machinery, and other unusually shaped items. This 64″ x 48″ extended length bulk bin collapses flat in seconds and stacks when full for efficient storage and shipping.

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