Corrugated Plastic "Postal-Style" Totes

Whether you need corrugated plastic totes to sort letters in the mailroom of a large corporation, equip a postal service branch, or organize goods (or have any other use for postal style totes), RTP has what you need.

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23 x 15 x 12 – Handheld Postal Style Tote

With multiple sizes and customizable options, plastic totes are the perfect choice for distribution centers, retailers, postal services, and general applications. 

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18 x 13 x 06 – Handheld Postal Style Tote

 Plastic postal totes help cut costs, streamline item transport and handling while keeping shipping fees and storage footprints minimal.  Containers come in multiple sizes, carrying capacities, are reusable, fully recyclable, and are a more efficient alternative to cardboard or wood options. 

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