19 x 13 x 11 – Handheld Dairy Crate, 24 Qt.

SKU: MCV14-191311

  • Special Size: Non-standard size prevents compatibility with other dairy crates, preventing theft / asset loss
  • Versatile Size: Can be used with multiple product types, not just milk bottles and jugs
  • Dairy Ready: Compatible with industry standard automation infrastructure
  • Ergonomics: Large integrated carrying handles for use with heavy or insulated gloves
  • Superior Product Protection: Smooth internal surfaces prevent damage to contents, recessed bottom increases product clearance to prevent damage to containers
  • Optimal Airflow: Open grid-work on all sides to allows for excellent airflow, temperature regulation, product protection, and cleaning
  • Stackable & Durable: Designed with exceptional stacking strength and stability in mind
  • Recycled Material: Regrind usage is optimized for excellent strength and impact resistance
  • Options: Numerous colors available (incl. FDA approved colors), available in all-plastic or with steel rings, UV stabilizers, anti-oxidants, microbial and other additives available for extended service life, RFID tags and barcode labels also available
  • Branding/ID Surfaces: Space available on all 4 sides for hot stamping and molded-in logos

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These 24 quart reusable plastic dairy crate containers are widely used throughout the dairy, beverage, food processing, and item transport industries. These reusable 24 qt. milk crates reduce costs, drive sustainability, and optimize supply chain efficiency through superior design and application of industry-proven materials. Reusable, recyclable, and available in a wide variety of sizes and footprints, these reusable dairy crates are guaranteed to match most any application.


Outside Length (in.)19.1
Outside Width (in.)13.1
Inside Length (in.)18.0
Inside Width (in.)12.0
Total Height (in.)11.3
Product Clearance (in.)10.6
Tare Weight (lbs.)3.7
Volume (cu.ft.)1.33
Molding Process-
Pallet Quantity-
53' Truckload Capacity3,216

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