48 x 120 x 60 Stackable Metal Storage Rack

SKU: MR101-4812060

  • All-In-One System: Load items right onto the portable rack from receipt, add posts for stacking and storage, and offload directly from them at shipping.
  • Replaces Pallets: Portable metal base offers easy access for forklifts and pallet jacks
  • Vertical Stacking: Removable support posts allow for the racks to be stacked four (4) units high without load-on-load contact
  • Load Capacity: 3,000 lbs.
  • Modular Design: Create the ideal storage for your space by combining and placing racks to best suit your floorplan
  • Fully Customizable: Available in custom sizes and can be designed with your specific application/product in mind

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The stackable metal storage rack system is a unique alternative to traditional standard pallet racking systems. These portable metal racks perform the same basic function as a pallet, which eliminates the need for traditional consumable pallets in your operations. Steel vertical posts allow for the racks to be stacked several units high while eliminating the possibility of crushed products, since the actual load itself is not supporting any weight.

These stackable racks are both portable and modular in nature. They can be easily relocated and reconfigured into any desired layout or stacking configuration to best suit the needs of your space and application.

Looking for full custom metal fabrication? Click here to see the possibilities.

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