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48 x 48 x 30 – Agricultural Harvest Bin

48 x 48 x 30 – Agricultural Harvest Bin

SKU: AG61-484830-V

  • Injection Molded:  Structurally rigid polymers provide strength and impact resistance
  • Long Lifespan:  Less frequent repair and replacement, lowers in-house costs
  • Lightweight:   Easily move and transport by hand when empty
  • Stackable:  Interlocking corners allow safe vertical stacking, efficient storage
  • Easy Hygiene:   Can be high-pressure washed and sterilized easily
  • PEAD Plastic: UV protected for outdoor use, allows long lifespan
  • 100% Recyclable: Can be recycled at end of service life and reused
  • USDA/HACCP Approved:  For safe food product handling, no contamination
  • Smooth Interior:  Optimal product protection, doesn’t hold odors, easy to clean
  • Applications:  Automotive, agriculture, bulk items, heavy loads, harvesting

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Reusable agricultural harvest containers provide optimal product protection, lowers packaging costs, reduces waste, and cuts in-house packaging fees. Plastic agricultural harvest containers provide optimal storage conditions and allow faster cooling for produce when compared to metal or wood alternatives. Harvest bins are an industry staple for efficient collection, warehousing, and safe transport of agricultural produce. Durable, lightweight plastics allow streamlined transport, handling and access to contents during all stages of the transport and storage process. 


Outside Length (in.)48.0
Outside Width (in.)48.0
Outside Height (in.)30.315
Inside Length (in.)44.5
Inside Width (in.)48.0
Inside Height / Product Clearance (in.)-
Drop Door Options-
Container Volume (cu.ft.)30.3
Container Weight Capacity (lbs.)-
Stack Height (Static/Dynamic)-
Collapsed Height (in.)-
Fork/Hand Truck Entry-
Tare Weight (lbs.)80.5
Return Ratio-
Mold ProcessInjection
Pallet Quantity-
53' Truck Capacity - Opened-
53' Truck Capacity - Collapsed-

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