Bin Washer IBC Solo 1000


  • Rugged stainless steel construction
  • Separate wash and rinse tanks
  • Self-contained water heating
  • Recirculating wash water
  • Adjustable cycle times
  • NEMA 4X control panel
  • Easy to clean, dual filter system
  • User-friendly, push button operation
  • One year manufacturer’s parts and labor warranty

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The Bin Washer Solo 1000 is a pit-mounted, specialty machine that washes and sanitizes intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), barrels, drums, agricultural bulk containers, and other large volume totes and bins that have access holes in the top and drain holes in the bottom. The Bin Washer Solo 1000 features a retractable spray arm that protrudes into the container to clean the inside and a series of oscillating wash arms to clean the outside.

A powerful IBC washing machine, this model operates with a 25 HP pump. At a minimum of 55 PSI, it recirculates 310 GPM through the wash chamber, maximizing both cleaning power and efficiency.

The Bin Washer Solo 1000 is easy to use. The operator places the container into the cabinet, closes the door, then pushes the cycle start button which activates the recirculating wash cycle. A protruding spray arm cleans the interior of the container, while  oscillating spray arms cover the exterior. The wash cycle is followed by a fresh water, sanitizing rinse cycle. An optional steam exhaust fan vacates the steam before the door is opened and the container is removed.

Wash cycles are fully adjustable for varying soil conditions. With a typical cycle time of just 10 minutes, clean up is quick and economical. Machines can be equipped with a second door for convenient pass through operation and are available with your choice of electric, gas or steam booster heaters to maintain proper operating temperatures.

From a stainless steel pump with a wash down duty motor to a UL 4X control panel, all components of this washing and sanitizing system have been selected to operate in a wet environment using caustic detergents.

Washers are built to order. We offer a variety of options and upgrades to suit the needs of different industries or to meet personal design preferences. Contact our team for full descriptions and assistance.


Door: Double skinned, stainless steel, with exterior latch and inside release handle.

Spray Hubs and Arms: A water driven, protruding stainless steel nozzle to clean the inside of containers and compressed air, piston driven, oscillating spray arms for coverage on the outside.

Recirculating Wash Tank: Stainless steel with electric, infrared gas, live steam, or steam coil heating, thermostatically controlled, low water protected, sloped to drain with a 220 gallon capacity (200 if infrared gas heated).

Pumped Rinse Tank: Stainless Steel with electric, gas, live steam, or steam coil booster heater to provide 180° /190° F hot sanitizing rinse. Uses 25 gallons per cycle.

Filtration: Perforated, stainless steel, screen filter. Double filtration system for increased effectiveness and easy cleaning while emptying tank.

Water Pump: 25 HP; 208/240/480/575 volt; 3-phase, 60 cycle with output of 310 gallons per minute at 55 PSI.

Electrical Panel and Controls: Adjustable wash and final rinse timers. Power “ON” switch with indicator light,
“START” and “STOP” buttons, “RUN” indicator, and short, medium, and long wash cycle “SELECTOR
SWITCH.” Electrical components enclosure constructed of stainless steel, NEMA 4X rated, UL listed

Gauges: Special moisture resistant gauges for wash temperature, wash pressure, and rinse temperature.

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