48 x 45 x 34 – Collapsible Bulk Container – Heavy Duty

SKU: CC05-484534-R

  • Low Cost: Reduces your total cost of ownership or cost per use versus single use disposable cardboard gaylords
  • Perfect For: Automotive, heavy manufacturing, WIP, storage applications, and distribution of parts from supplier to OEM
  • Heavy-Duty: High load capacity up to 1,800 lbs
  • Stackable: Containers can stack for optimized storage, return transport, and reduced warehouse footprint
  • Service Life: This bulk container is made from long-lasting plastics that make them last 10+ years in service
  • Prevent Damage: Ribbed sidewalls protect product from unwanted damage due to mishandling and fork tine puncture
  • Recycled material: made from 100% crate grade recycled HDPE, the CC05-484534-R bulk container is especially green, in that it is made entirely from other recycled plastic gaylords
  • Optional Accessories: Label placards, unique ID plates, barcodes, RFID, IOT devices, wheeled dollies, numbering, custom interior dunnage, and lids
  • Drop Doors: Two drop doors on the long sides
  • 100% Recyclable: HDPE plastic can be fully recycled
  • Safe Handling: 4-way pallet jack/forklift entry

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Easily Collapsible And Stowable

Anyone can quickly and easily fold up the collapsible bulk container by releasing the auto-locking clips and folding down the hinged sidewalls. When not in use, simply collapse these containers to greatly reduce the amount of storage space required.

Return Ratio

When stacked and collapsed, these bulk containers greatly reduce the amount of space being used, giving them one of the best return ratios (3:1), and making them extremely cost effective. Investing in reusable collapsible containers will save a lot of money and time in the long run.

Applications For Collapsible Bulk Containers

This collapsible bulk container is very popular in the automotive industry. Made out of very strong structural foam HDPE, conforming to the primary 45×48 footprints, although longer containers are used when required for specific parts such as exhaust systems. This bulk container is advantageous in terms of being stackable when full to save space in transit or storage, as well as in folding when empty to minimize space requirements for storage and return. Parts can be loaded in bulk inside the container, or protected by dividers or other internal dunnage. Ease of access to parts inside the container is another important consideration in bulk container design. This can be facilitated by drop doors and collapsible walls.

The collapsible bulk container is the ideal choice for bulk item transport, storage, and large item distribution. Plastic gaylords stack for optimal storage and collapse flat in seconds to dramatically increase the quantity per truckload on return shipments and can reduce an overall storage footprint. Designed for ultimate durability, these 48 x 45 x 34 collapsible bulk bins provide superior product protection, are lightweight, and have a large carrying capacity.

Used widely throughout the heavy manufacturing and automotive industries, bulk containers have been designed to lower their user’s bottom line, while also delivering optimal performance. View more specs.



Compatible with the leading 48″ x 45″ collapsible bulk container lid:

          48 x 45 dollies available (click here)


Outside Length (in.)48.0
Outside Width (in.)45.0
Outside Height (in.)34.0
Inside Length (in.)44.5
Inside Width (in.)41.5
Inside Height / Product Clearance (in.)27.0
Drop Door Options2
Container Volume (cu.ft.)28.7
Container Weight Capacity (lbs.)1,800
Stack Height (Static/Dynamic)-
Collapsed Height (in.)12.8
Fork/Hand Truck Entry4-Way
Tare Weight (lbs.)122
Return Ratio3:1
Mold ProcessStructural Foam Molded
Pallet Quantity-
53' Truck Capacity - Opened78
53' Truck Capacity - Collapsed234

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