24 x 16 x 12 – Collapsible Handheld Container

SKU: CCS37-241612-1

  • Ergonomic Design:  Totes are easy to handle, stack and transport
  • Agriculture:  Great for fresh produce, food and vegetable distribution
  • Lightweight:  Ultra light polyethylene and polypropylene construction
  • 100% Recyclable:  Low-footprint, reusable, sustainable
  • Customization:  Multiple color, ventilation, and branding and build options
  • Resists Contamination: Nonporous surface is easy to clean and to sanitize
  • Versatile:  Convenient stackable and collapsible design
  • Durable Polymers:  Damage resistant, structurally rugged construction
  • Overall Savings:  Small return transport loads and decreased warehouse footprint

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Plastic collapsible containers are a reliable and lightweight way to transport small components, and agricultural produce. Crates stack when full and fold to a fraction of the original size when empty to save space. Collapsible containers allow for greater efficiency during transport, storage and return-shipment. Additionally, they are cheap to maintain, 100% recyclable, and are a significantly more efficient packaging solution than disposable cardboard boxes or wood crates.


Outside Length (in.)23.622
Outside Width (in.)15.748
Inside Length (in.)22.0472
Inside Width (in.)14.252
Total Height (in.)12.3622
Product Clearance (in.)11.5748
Tare Weight (lbs.)6.525683
Volume (cu.ft.)2.08357
Molding Process-
Pallet Quantity-
53' Truckload Capacity-

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