Custom Corrugated Plastic Dunnage


  • Custom:  Plastic can be fully customized to match most any need or form of support; can be die-cut, scored, stapled, stitched, and heat welded
  • Containment:  Helps to contained items in one area, reduce clutter, ease item management
  • Cushioning:  Flexibility helps to absorb impact, and reduce chance for damage
  • Bracing:  Corrugation provides optimal stability and load strength, providing support in critical areas for products, to ensure no bending, compression, or breakage
  • Resistant To: Temperature, electrostatic discharge, compression, moisture, insects
  • Reduce Pilferage:  Easily count and take stock of products, helps identify theft
  • Options: Anti-stat, conductive, fire resistant, and UV additives are available
  • Reusable:  Corrugated dunnage can be reused multiple times, cutting costs
  • Durable:  Stronger than paper, lighter than wood and metal
  • Recyclable:  Corrugated plastic can be fully recycled

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Plastic corrugated dunnage is responsible for protecting valuable parts and components from damage, scuffs, scrapes or abrasions that may occur during handling and transport processes. Corrugated plastic dunnage is lightweight, reusable, and trusted in a wide variety for high grade product protection. Perfect for industrial, commercial, and consumer products that require additional protection on-investment during transport, handling and storage.

Versatile and durable, corrugated plastic dunnage works for multiple applications and for all types of components. Available in single or double-faced sheets and in Polyethylene (PE) or Polypropylene (PP). Optional antistatic inserts secure sensitive electronic parts, while soft polyspun dunnage provides Class A surface protection, typically required by the automotive industry.  

Easy to handle, fabricate, and convert. Efficient fabrication processes create dunnage that matches product protection needs, budgets, and schedule qualifications. With leading design technology, prototype testing guarantees quality packaging. Advanced water jet cutting technology can ensure exact, high-quality corrugated plastic dunnage. Custom dunnage can be built to perfectly match most any product or application.

Corrugated plastic dunnage offers superior protection and reliability compared to cardboard alternatives. Corrugated plastic withstands impact, punctures, and tears. Washable and resistant to moisture, dust, and fiber. This dunnage provides reusable, long term implementation in any environment and most temperature ranges. 


Outside Length (in.)Any
Outside Width (in.)Any
Inside Length (in.)Any
Inside Width (in.)Any
Total Height (in.)Any
Product Clearance (in.)Any
Tare Weight (lbs.)Any
Volume (cu.ft.)Any
MaterialCorrugated Plastic, Polyethylene (PE) or Polypropylene (PP)
Molding Process-
Pallet QuantityVaries
53' Truckload CapacityVaries

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