Custom Corrugated Plastic Packaging


  • Computer Controlled: Laser and die cut manufacturing options ensure packaging quality and allow for the perfect match of container to application
  • Efficient: Custom corrugated packaging is lightweight, yet reliable, affordable, and durable
  • Recyclable: Corrugated plastic containers can be fully recycled — eliminating waste in the supply chain
  • Affordable: Custom corrugated plastic has one of the lowest entry points in the array of custom packaging solutions, with setup costs and tooling that is often negligible
  • Endless Features: Can be crafted to incorporate a vast array of features, including divider inserts, ergonomic handles, access panels, lids, detachable sidewalls, seals, drainage and venting holes, interlocking lids, and much more

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Corrugated plastic is one of the most versatile and low-cost options for custom packaging. Custom corrugated plastic packaging has a nearly endless array of options, including:

  • Multiple gauges of corrugated plastic stock provide an incredible range of flexibility and durability
  • Self-interlocking, adhesive, and/or separate seals
  • An endless array of colors and printing options
  • Seamless panel construction that can scale from 1″ to 96″ in width
  • Open or welded/sealed edges to either ensure either drainage or total water-resistance for internal corrugation chambers

Corrugated plastic excels in packaging as it is naturally resistant to moisture, rot, decay, and other environmental contaminants, and it can be washed, sanitized, and returned to service many times. The inherent construction of corrugated material provides insulation and protection for contents. Its light weight and often collapsible design helps to reduce shipping costs and improve ease of handling. And as a truly environmentally responsible packaging product, custom corrugated solutions can be reused and ultimately recycled.

Widely used throughout retail, agricultural, storage, and manufacturing industries, custom plastic corrugated packaging has remained a proven and trusted solution.


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