Custom Metal Pallets


  • Strength: Custom fabricated metal pallets provide the strongest load capacities
  • Multiple Material Options: Aluminum, steel, iron, carbon, and a number of treatment options
  • Efficient: Built exactly to the specifications of your process and/or load
  • Any Size or Capacity: Heavy-duty, extended lengths, shortened, various depths, etc.
  • Recyclable: Most metal pallets are a green solution and fully recyclable at end-of-use
  • Fast Turnaround: Custom fabricated pallets can be produced quickly, without delays or costs for tooling
  • Endless Features: RFID technology, laser engraving, deck styles, fork-access, tie-downs, drains, non-slip surfaces, rack-compatibility, steel reinforcements, custom surface treatments, etc.

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Custom metal pallets are trusted for heavy duty applications in manufacturing, mining, storage, and transportation. Custom metal fabrication enables precise fit, build-to-suit preferences, and optimal efficiency at an affordable entry cost. Metal pallets have great load strength and durability, and they can be the best solution in particularly rough or demanding applications.

Custom metal pallets are created on-demand. Each pallet is machined to the exact specifications of your process or load. Services include laser cutting, CNC punching, forming, rolling, welding, finishing, and other shop services, which produce unique and to-order metal products. Precision machining ensures that each custom metal pallet exceeds customer satisfaction. Our custom metal fabricators work with a wide array of materials, including stainless steel, iron, carbon, and aluminum. Available finishes include powder coating, plastic surfacing, industrial grade paint, and rust-inhibiting treatments.

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