Custom Plastic Rotomolding


  • Computer Controlled: Precision manufacturing ensures product quality, reduces labor
  • Customize: Customization process allows for the perfect match of container to application
  • Applications: Benefits industrial usage, food processing, manufacturing, and more
  • Rotomolding: Reusable polymers are lightweight, yet reliable, affordable and rugged
  • Recyclable: Plastic components can be fully recycled and returned to service
  • Affordable: Minimal upkeep costs, highly efficient yet low cost and maintenance
  • Maximize Use: Efficient racking, stacking, nesting, and much more

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Custom rotational molding begins when heated powdered or pulverized forms of thermoplastics, such as Polyethylene (PE) or Polypropylene (PP) is placed into a machine that rotates and heats a custom mold on both the vertical and the horizontal axis. Rotomolding allows a wide variety of build styles, reliable wall thickness, and customizations like inserts, threads, handles, uppercuts and molded in color graphics to be administered.

Rotocasting is trusted as an industry standard for reliable custom part creation for use in a wide variety of commercial, industrial and residential applications. Short lead times, consistent wall thickness, and overall dependability at an affordable cost.

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