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48 x 44 x 41 – IBC Liquid Bin With Bottom Discharge

48 x 44 x 41 – IBC Liquid Bin With Bottom Discharge

SKU: IBC05-484441-1-L

  • Stackable:  Stacks five containers high when loaded for significant space savings
  • Efficient Alternative:  Better organization than drums or rigid wall containers
  • Durable Plastics:  Polypropylene construction is ultra durable, lightweight and reusable
  • Customize:  Latch plug, valves, lids, color options, sizing, liner bags, top or bottom discharge
  • Perfect For:  Viscous liquids, oils, fruit paste, tomato paste, bulk liquids, commercial transport
  • Versatile:  Widely used for food processing, bulk liquid or paste storage, agriculture
  • Recyclable:  Eco-conscious plastics can be recycled and reused to reduce waste
  • Liquid Transport:  High capacity, rigid sides, and durable HDPE ensure safe transport
  • Rail Shipping:  Certified safe for railroad shipment and delivery, reinforced sidewalls
  • Hygienic:  Optional sanitary liners pair with smooth plastics that are easily sanitized

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Bulk liquid storage and transport made simple. Choose either steel or plastic IBC construction to match containers perfectly to the application. Ideal for bulk liquid, paste and oil distribution, intermediate bulk containers promote efficient storage, transport, and handling of precious liquids. Containers are highly customizable, with a large selection of optional features to ensure plastic bins are perfectly matched to most any application. Rugged plastics have a long lifespan, are durable, reliable, and a staple in many agricultural, commercial, and industrial applications.


Outside Length (in.)48.6
Outside Width (in.)44.7
Outside Height (in.)41.9
Inside Length (in.)44.9
Inside Width (in.)40.9
Inside Height / Product Clearance (in.)33.5
Drop Door Options-
Container Volume (cu.ft.)35.69
Container Weight Capacity (lbs.)3307.0
Stack Height (Static/Dynamic)Static 5
Collapsed Height (in.)18.9
Fork/Hand Truck Entry-
Tare Weight (lbs.)205.0
Return Ratio2.2:1
Mold ProcessInjection Molded
Pallet Quantity-
53' Truck Capacity - Opened56
53' Truck Capacity - Collapsed168

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