Mark III Modified Atmosphere Packer


  • Vacuum and gas flush cases — extends shelf life of proteins
  • Vacuum followed by dual gas flush mix extends shelf life and product color of red meats
  • Gas flush any product that degrades in atmosphere
  • Multi-gas flush totes or super-sacks of organic products assuring insects and larvae are asphyxiated
  • Ideal for poultry, beef, pork, prepared meat, cheese, fish, nuts, powders, organic, industrial materials, etc.

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Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), sometimes called Controlled Vacuum Packaging, preserves, protects, and extends the shelf life of your products. This model works with a variety of container sizes, including individual bags, lined cases, bulk bins, totes, gaylords, barrels, or super-sacks. Ideal for meat processing, coffee, fresh storage, organics, electronics, medical devices, and industrial materials.

This system enables nitrogen gas flushing and vacuum sealing. This band sealer produces hermetically sealed gas flushed or vacuum sealed bags.

Features & Options

  • 100% stainless steel and FSMA, FDA, and USDA compliant — optional 3A dairy-grade
  • Always ready for wash-down, built to IP69 specifications assuring IP67 compliance
  • Seal bars available include either 30, 54, and 62-inch lengths
  • Vacuum pump or optional liquid-ring and venturi
  • Hot-bar or impulse sealing
  • Bag-stretcher option to insure wrinkle free bags
  • One-hand or two-hand controls
  • Flexible probes reduce damage and extend life
  • A variety of language options on our simple to understand controller
  • Floor mount with optional casters, or unit can suspend over conveyors

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