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48 x 40 Rackable Pallet – 3 Runner – Open Deck – w/ 3 Metal Bars

SKU: R4840I17-ECO5O3M

  • Multiple Options: Available as Rackable with optional runners
  • Heavy Cargo:  Load capacity up to 5,600 lbs for dynamic load and up to 2,800 lbs in high rack
  • Improves Durability:  Optional metal reinforcements able to store particularly heavy loads
  • Lowers Costs:  Reduces transport and in-house storage costs
  • Ergonomic Handling:  Features 4-way forklift entry for maximized portability
  • Load Distribution:  Surface deck is anti-slip, and surrounded by 0.2-inch safety lip
  • Food Safe:  USDA food-grade polymers ensure purity of contents during storage and transport
  • Automation Friendly:  Seamlessly integrate into automated systems and conveyor belts
  • Rackable Pallets:  Plastic pallets are optimal for use with high racks and automation systems
  • Easy to Clean:  Resists contamination, mold, mildew, rot and prevents the accumulation of dirt
  • Optional Accessories:  Custom Safety rim dimensions, grommets, lids, labeling, hot stamp
  • ISPM 15 Exempt:  Cuts costs and saves time by removing the need for costly ISMP sanitation
  • 100% Recyclable

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One of our most competitively priced pallets, this rackable plastic pallet accommodates heavy product loads in closed loops, production plants, and goods distribution. Plastic pallets are available with 3, 5, or 6 runners to ensure that pallets with product double stack securely and that empty pallets stack uniformly. Runner configurations meet the highest demands of block stacking and protect cargo stored below from impact and damage. Precise dimensions and design increase process reliability in conveyor technology and reduce the risk of damage from improper handling. Plastic pallets maximize stability and versatility for handling operations of bulk cargo loads, meaning pallets maintain their structural integrity for long operating lives.


Length (in.)48.0
Width (in.)40.0
Height (in.)6.1
Tare Weight (lbs.)45.0
Static Capacity (lbs.)11200.0
Dynamic Capacity (lbs.)5600.0
Static Edge-Racking Capacity (lbs.)2800.0
Lip (in.)0.2
Fork/Hand Truck Entry4-way
Base Configuration-
Runners3 runners, metal-reinforced
Mold ProcessInjection
Pallet Quantity-
53' Truckload Capacity-

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