Plastic Storage Bin – 11x06x05

SKU: SBS52-1165-2

  • Maximize Space:  Storage bins help to reduce clutter and promote efficient item management.
  • Reusable Plastics:  Rugged plastics can be used for multiple different tasks reliably.
  • Recyclable:  Eco-conscious polymers can be recycled and reused.
  • Stackable:  Vertical stacking allows optimal space saving and reduced footprint.
  • Applications:  Offices, warehouses, factory floor, automotive industries, manufacturing.
  • Organize:  Large variety of bin size and styles allow for increased in-house organization.
  • Lightweight:  Durable plastics are light and easy to handle, while also durable and rugged.
  • Racks:  Storage racks, panels, and cabinets allow high-density space savings.
  • Customize:  Dividers, lids, labeling and branding options, color choices and build style.

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Plastic storage bins are a durable, corrosion-proof, lightweight and a reliable choice for increased storage efficiency, and better in-house organization. Ideal for mechanical, assembly, manufacturing, distribution, e-commerce and warehousing industries these reusable containers stack vertically to aid storing efficiency, while remaining easily accessible. Optional lids, labeling and an assortment of customizable options make them ideal for a number of tasks and feature a low cost and tare weight making it the ideal container for numerous applications.


Outside Length (in.)10.875
Outside Width (in.)5.5
Inside Length (in.)-
Inside Width (in.)-
Total Height (in.)5.0
Product Clearance (in.)-
Tare Weight (lbs.)-
Volume (cu.ft.)-
Molding ProcessInjection Molded
53' Truckload Capacity-
Pallet Quantity-

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