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Used Fixed Wall Bulk Container

Used Fixed Wall Bulk Container


  • Numerous Sizes & Styles Available:  Inquire about availability today.
  • Cut Costs:  Reused containers are dramatically lower in cost, yet equally as dependable.
  • Repairable:  Certain containers if damaged can be fixed and returned to working fleet
  • Stackable:  Stacking containers increase storage capacity and reduces warehouse footprint.
  • Fixed Wall:  Rigid walls offer optimal product protection and container durability.
  • Plastic Runners:  Allows conveyability and streamlined transport plastic bulk containers.
  • FDA Rated: Optional food grade polymers ensure purity of contents during shipment.
  • Resistant Materials:  Withstands exposure to sunlight and cooling, resists impact, moisture, mold.
  • Agriculture:  Bulk bins see widespread use throughout  food, meat, and poultry industries.
  • Food Processing:  Bulk fixed wall plastic containers are ideal for food processing and large items.
  • Sanitary Bins:  Easy-to-clean interiors – sanitation made simple.
  • Reinforced Sides for maximum strength, durability and secure stacking.
  • Options: Vented models available, custom labeling, numbering and matching lids.
  • Fork Lift:   2-way or 4-way entry options, depending on model.

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Used bulk fixed wall plastic containers are depended upon for efficient storage and shipment of automotive components, appliances, agricultural items, transportation equipment and construction materials. Reusing containers provides a large variety of container sizes, capacities, and customizable options ensures bulk containers are perfectly matched to most any application. Used containers provide optimal bulk item warehousing, distribution, transport at a much cheaper cost. Less waste to landfill, eco-friendly, more affordable option.

Every used or refurbished bin is inspected to meet a high standard of reliability, and is cleaned before returning to service. Fixed wall bulk bins have smooth interior walls for easy and efficient cleanup, are lightweight, and feature ergonomic handling. Rugged containers see widespread reuse for harvesting and agricultural needs as they maintain freshness of produce and safeguards fragile items through each segment of a product’s life cycle. Bulk fixed wall shipping containers are recyclable and can be repaired if a segment or sidewall is damaged.

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