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Used Harvest Field Bins

Used Harvest Field Bins


  • Numerous Sizes & Styles Available:  Inquire about availability today.
  • Cut Costs:  Reusing containers drastically reduces price, clutter and waste.
  • Material Handling:  Variety of containers to choose from to match many applications.
  • Affordable:  Similar great performance, lowered total price per container up front.
  • Reliable:  Each container passes a lengthy inspection process to ensure reliability.
  • Reusable:  Containers can be returned to service for extended lifecycle.
  • Less Waste:  Less trash to landfill,  reusing and repurposing containers is eco-friendly.
  • Agriculture:  Efficient harvesting, bulk food processing, item transport and distribution.

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Used harvest bins are a reliable, high yield solution for bulk item harvesting and heavy load transport at a low cost. Perfectly suited for agriculture, food processing and automotive industries, harvest containers collapse quickly, and have smooth, fully-vented walls which provides an optimal environment for fresh produce wherein damage and waste are greatly reduced.

Made from FDA-approved materials, the nonporous plastic inhibits mold and mildew growth, is ultra durable and can be fully recycled at end of service life. Each bin is thoroughly examined to ensure dependability and load strength. Same great benefits and improvements to workflow, transport and distribution efficiency at much overall price.  

Industry proven design safely protects fruits, vegetables, and other delicate produce items during picking, transport, processing, and storage. Used Bulk and handheld agricultural harvesting bins are vented, stackable, and lightweight – yet rigid enough to support fragile fruits like cherries, berries, and grapes. Used harvest containers are a staple in the agricultural, item transport, retail, and wholesale industries. Easy to handle, lightweight and versatile design, some models can be vertically stacked when full, and models can be nested inside themselves for critical space savings and reduced transport costs.

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