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Used Insulated Bulk Container

Used Insulated Bulk Container


  • Numerous Sizes & Styles Available:  Inquire about availability today.
  • Intuitive Drainage:  Built-in drains and interior base slopes toward full drainage opening.
  • Ergonomic Design:  Features two-way and four-way pallet entry with rotating bars.
  • Deflects Impacts:  Intelligent 2-way/4-way fork openings deflects scuffs and impact damage.
  • Added Protection:  Replaceable nylon pads safeguard container base from rough surfaces.
  • Prevent Contamination:  Attached lids overlap the container, includes permanent fasteners
  • Stable Stacking:  Lids have recessed pockets that engage container feet for efficient stacking.
  • Plug Storage:  Threaded container plug storage near drainage opening.
  • Food Safe:  USDA, FDA, CFIA, and Health Canada approved for safe food contact.
  • Optional accessories:  Drains and latches available with some models.

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Used insulated bulk containers have thermal properties that allow products to remain temperature-regulated over an extended length of time without the use of dry ice or external cooling. Polyurethane insulation and polyethylene construction provide excellent temperature control and consistency. Contents remain fresh and protected through all stages of packaging, transport and distribution. Materials typically shipped and stored in insulated bulk containers include chemicals, industrial components, food products, fish products, aquaculture, and certain pharmaceuticals. Ideal for cold chain operations.

Reusing containers helps to cut costs, while still providing efficient, and dependable storage and transport options. Each container is rigorously inspected and cleaned before returning to service to ensure dependability and performance. Perfect for seafood, fishing, aquaculture, commercial fish farming, pisciculture, distribution, industrial and personal at-home use. Cheaper more economical option – less waste to landfill, reusable, eco-friendly. Increases efficiency, reduces labor and helps organize warehousing, transport and distribution tasks.


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