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Used Metal & Wire Bulk Container

Used Metal & Wire Bulk Container


  • Numerous Sizes & Styles Available:  Inquire about availability today.
  • Low Cost:  Reused and refurbished containers are dependable but much lower in price.
  • Reusable:  Efficient and economic item transport, storage and distribution.  
  • Prevent Distortion:  Sturdy materials maintain structural integrity.
  • Secure Storage:  Reinforced rings and safety locks ensure no accidental openings.
  • Durable:  Optional sheet metal floor and metal wire structure keeps containers lightweight.
  • Minimal Maintenance:  Low maintenance and upkeep.
  • Ergonomic Handling:  Versatile storage makes containers inter-stackable with others.
  • Available in Multiple Heights:  Sizing options to match many uses and industries.

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Used bulk wire containers are perfect for mass item storage, display, and transport throughout a number of commercial, industrial and private industries. Reused containers offer an economical choice that reduces entry-price, while still providing the same reliability of similar containers. Wire side-walls allow for easy visual identification and access to contents while remaining lightweight and versatile. Open mesh construction allows for excellent ventilation and ability to stack for maximum storage efficiency. Depending on product storage needs, wire bulk containers come in a variety of sizes and specifications that range from heavy-duty to light-weight, and may be rigid or folding.

Reused or refurbished containers are equally as reliable, at a fraction of the cost. Rigid construction, and study materials maintain structural integrity. Secure storage features reinforced rings and safety locks to ensure no accidental openings. Optional sheet metal floor with tubing base structure is durable but keeps containers lightweight. Steel bin with standardized zinc and galvanized plated finish require minimal maintenance. Efficient handling – versatile storage makes containers inter-stackable with others. Available in various heights, multiple sizing options to match a large range of material handling applications. Some customization available such as branding, identification, numbering, security gates with half-drop, full-drop, or partial designs.

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