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Used Nestable Plastic Pallets


  • Numerous Sizes & Styles Available:  Inquire about availability today
  • Affordable:  Similar great performance, lowered total price per container up front
  • Reliable:  Each pallet passes a lengthy inspection process to ensure reliability
  • Reusable:  Take advantage of plastic pallets’ long lifecycles to maximize savings
  • Less Waste:  Less waste to landfill or recycle, reusing and repurposing containers is eco-friendly
  • Cut Costs:  Utilizing previously used containers helps to lower overall costs

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Used nestable pallets save money while improving freight efficiency. Get all the benefits of nesting plastic pallets at a lower entry point. All of our used plastic pallets are carefully inspected and guaranteed for service. We carry a large number of used nesting plastic pallets in a wide variety of sizes, load capacities, and deck styles. Buy used and save!

Used nestable plastic pallets are economical, efficient, and longer lasting alternative to less practical wood and metal options. Injection molded, nestable plastic pallets are durable and meant for high load capacities. Lightweight, reusable, and nestable design saves on freight costs and storage footprint. Nestable plastic pallets resist contamination, moisture, and high temperatures and are easy to clean. Design features provide superior strength to weight ratios and uniform load distributions. Ideal for material handling applications in most industries, including automotive, agricultural, retail, industrial manufacturing, and more.

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