In It To Bin It: Bargain Bin Stores Embrace Sorting Tables and Reusable Bulk Containers

Reusable plastic sorting tables and bulk containers now used in bargain bin stores
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As the industry leader in reusable plastic container solutions, the team here at Reusable Transport Packaging continues to see more businesses switching from traditional materials to those with longer life spans. As bargain bin retail stores continue to pop up across the country and grow in popularity, they represent one of the retail markets that has experienced tremendous growth over the past few years.

Bin stores liquidate a wide range of consumer goods, from clothing to appliances, which requires product sorting at both the distribution and retail levels. At the store level, incoming products from the distribution chain are often loaded onto sorting tables and then grouped according to their product categories for retail point-of-sale. In certain cases, unsorted products are displayed so that shoppers can peruse them. There are also a number of bargain bin stores that are using larger bulk containers within the retail shopping area.

At the distribution level, large capacity collapsible bulk containers allow delivery trucks to speed up their offloading process when re-stocking the stores. Due to their collapsible and stowable design, these bulk containers can be folded down into a significantly smaller size, reducing the amount of space required for storage inside the retail store. In addition, the trucks hauling back the empty containers are able to maximize their container load thanks to the reduced physical volume.

Delivering Versatility: Sorting Tables and Retail Point-of-Sale Displays

Bin Store Table
Bin Store Tables Are Available In Different Sizes To Best Fit Your Store Operations

Sorting TableWhen it comes to daily operations, elevated plastic table carts, mounted on lockable casters, are an ideal solution for sorting, handling and relocating products. They can be used behind the scenes by store employees to assess and sort retail items, and they can also be used to display the products to shoppers inside the store at the point-of-sale. The feature set and available options make them an excellent choice for bargain bin stores.

The smooth rolling, lockable casters allow the table carts to be easily moved throughout the store and secured in a stationary position. They can be customized with stenciled numbers or letters to aid in the sorting process, or to serve as category signage to shoppers.  These elevated sorting tables are available in 19 different color options, which allows you to use color-coding for operations, or to simply provide a better match for the store’s branding or decor. With employee safety being top of mind, these sorting table carts have a height of 36 inches, which delivers excellent ergonomics by making the table easy to use and maneuver. The heavy-duty polyethylene tabletop is mounted onto a durable steel frame, which also enables it to have an impressive carrying capacity of 2200 pounds. Since the table tops are made from non-porous phenolic polyurethane, they are easy to clean and sanitize when needed.


One For All, All For One: Bulk Containers For Both Distribution And Retail

Since bargain bin stores take delivery of a wide range of random products, those products are almost always grouped and delivered in a mixed format. Collapsible bulk containers with forklift slots are a perfect solution for delivery trucks that are restocking the bin stores. They provide rigidity, product protection and stackability that far outshines that provided by traditional paper-based gaylord containers. In addition, the collapsible design of our bulk containers greatly reduces the amount of space required for storage when not in use. This is a huge advantage in the retail industry, where floor space is always at a premium. By the same token, when the delivery trucks are finished dropping off new products to the store, they will take back any previously used bulk containers that the bargain bin store may have. With the collapsible bulk containers from Reusable Transport Packaging, the drivers can fit more containers into the truck for the return trip. These plastic containers also utilize many integrated features that serve to extend their service life.

Collapsible bulk containers are available in many different sizes to best suit the needs of the individual store. They collapse down to an overall height just under 13 inches. The collapsible design is achieved using plastic locking latches that can easily be accessed and replaced. Those same plastic latches also prevent damage to the walls and hinges over time. These containers also help companies meet sustainability initiatives, being made of 100% recyclable plastic. Rather than being destined for the landfill, these containers can be reclaimed and formed into something completely new.



American-made products are the primary focus of our business. The vast majority of our most popular products are manufactured right here in the United States. Year after year, we sell tens of thousands of reusable containers and pallets made in cities like Winchester, Virginia, Nashville, Tennessee, Sandusky, Pennsylvania, and Buena Park, California. In summation, these products are produced by companies that have created thousands of jobs and directly contributed to their own local economies.

We’re also proud to partner with a handful of world-class international suppliers. These global suppliers give us the opportunity to help our domestic customers access the highly specialized products that they need to support their day-to-day business operation. In doing so, we help our American customers have domestic access to specialty products they need to support their operations. Due to our leadership in the industry, we have the ability to import unique products that would otherwise be largely unavailable throughout the United States. We value our international suppliers tremendously, and we’re glad to be able to use their unique products to benefit American businesses.

When you buy from RTP, you’re supporting American manufacturing, small businesses, and countless families.


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