Industry Top Pick: RTP’s Cannabis Bud Tray

Cannabis Bud Tray Top Product
Cannabis Bud Tray: The Industry’s Top Pick For Drying Operations

As the legalization of hemp and its related cannabis products continues at an increasing rate across the US and Canada, the need for durable, reusable growing supplies, and harvesting equipment also continues to grow. Legal cannabis growers have opportunities to massively scale their legal operations, and with those opportunities also comes the need to invest in the right equipment for their businesses.

As all growers know, the cannabis harvesting process can be somewhat complex. In addition to the standard practices of waiting for peak ripeness, harvesting, reducing touch points, storage, and shipping out to distributors, cannabis buds must be dried, cured, and processed to preserve just the right quality of of terpenes and retain fresh flavors without forming mold. This process requires controlled conditions including temperature, humidity, and air flow. Getting it right takes precision, organization, and the right tools and methods.


The Cannabis Bud Tray

Cannabis and Hemp Bud Tray for DryingToday, we’re highlighting one of our most popular products for efficient cannabis harvesting and processing: RTP’s Cannabis Bud Tray. This specially designed bucking and drying crate can be used for a variety of agricultural needs, but for now we will be discussing its application to the needs of the legal industrial cannabis industry.

The right equipment can make a big difference in the day-to-day operations of your business, so our Cannabis Bud Tray is designed with features that are useful in every step of industrial cannabis processing. It’s fast become the go-to container for large scale cannabis growers throughout North America.


The Right Tray for the Job

Cannabis & Hemp Plastic Picking Bud Tray

Cannabis Bud Trays have a footprint of 24 inches by 16 inches — perfect for shelving and handling. To make the most of your space, these bud trays have two convenient modes of storage: stacking and nesting. They can be securely stacked on top of each other, and they can also be turned 180 degrees and nested at 50% height. The color-coded ends and sliding rails make it easy to handle and identify which side you’re using.

They are designed with open ventilation on all sides to increase air flow and promote optimum drying without creating conditions that encourage mold or rot. The ventilation pattern preserves bud shape, preventing flat spots and crushing.

The convenient size makes it an excellent all-purpose container for small plants, fresh and dried buds, storage of packaged products, and the handling of other cannabis growing and harvesting supplies. They stack endlessly and are sized for convenient shelf storage and palletization — making the most of every cubic inch of your facilities.

The Cannabis Bud Tray offer unparalleled value. Their all-plastic, single-piece, injection-molded design offers incredible durability. They are built to last through years of continued use. And, perhaps best of all, they’re affordable; with volume quantities available for a fraction of the cost of less desirable options sold by traditional retailers.


Keeping Legal Industrial Cannabis Green

As the legal cannabis industry grows, it is important to consider the environmental impact of the business decisions that are made. The harmful environmental effects of excess waste affect all of us, and our goal is to help replace disposable products and provide a more environmentally friendly option by providing high quality, long lasting supplies that reduce pollution and waste.

Our fully recyclable, food grade plastic packaging is a great option for any business looking to improve their sustainability while also saving money. They are lighter than metal, glass or fiberglass options, which improves both distribution costs and environmental impact.


How We Can Help

In this economic environment, with high overhead costs, legal fees, and expanding opportunities and competition, choosing affordable, durable containers that can be used for a variety of purposes and last for many years is essential. Sustainably growing high quality cannabis while preserving the value of your harvest positively impacts the longevity and profit of your business. Investing in industrial packaging that fits your unique needs can make everyone’s jobs easier.


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At Reusable Transport Packaging, we work with all of the leading reusable packaging manufacturers. Our independent expertise gives us the unique objectivity to help cannabis growers find the best possible industrial containers. Our business is built on helping our customers find the best containers at the very best prices. We’re trusted by thousands of growers, processors, distributors, and retailers to always provide the perfect packaging solution for every application.

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