The most secure, versatile and cost effective method of securing the load on a pallet or dolly, no banding or stretch wrap required. These robust pallet/dolly lid securing solutions, with retractable straps and an integrated tensioning mechanism, creates quick waste-free pallet/dolly security.

Modular Bulk Transport Solutions

Dolly & Lid System

A base dolly, with foot-operated brakes and sleeve lock, combines with a secured lid to create a modular bulk transport system that can be configured in three different, uniquely useful ways.

  • All Totes: Totes with built-in stacking features, secured by the top lid with straps attached to the dolly
  • Combination of Sleeve Pack & Totes: A sleeve locks into the dolly, and a combination lid/tier sheet facilitates tote/box stacking
  • Sleeve Only: A plastic sleeve, available with may options and heights, locks into the dolly and is secured by a lid
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Pallet & Lid System

Plastic pallets or wooden pallets can be combined with a secured load lid to create a modular transport system for heavier loads requiring forklifts or pallet jacks. This modular solution can be configured in different ways.

  • Plastic Pallet With Totes: Totes or RSCs can be stacked directly onto a reusable pallet and secured by a lid with integrated straps.
  • Wooden Pallet With Totes: Totes and RSCs can be secured to a wooden pallet using a secured load lid.
  • Plastic Pallet With Sleeve And Totes: A plastic base pallet with a sleeve channel can be used to secure a bulk sleeve, which is topped with a lid/tier sheet that facilitates totes and RSCs to be stacked on top. A secured load lid with integrated straps secures the entire pallet for transport.
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Unitized Load Transport Systems

RTP’s dollies and pallets can be combined with secure load lids to enable full supply chain fluidity. Compatible with various container types, load your pallets or link your dollies to maneuver​ internally and secure with a wide selection of lids to prepare for transport. The most intuitive packaging system with endless possibilities.