Portable Storage Containers

Reusable Transport Packaging sells the best portable storage containers. Our containers are purpose-built for pod moving, semi-permanent warehousing, unit mini-storage, and more. Unlike traditional shipping containers, these containers are forklift stackable, flat packable, readily divisible, and purpose-built for efficient, movable storage.

With durable steel construction, these portable storage containers are built to last. Our storage units are water-tight and weather resistant. Their roofs are corrugated to allow for optimal durability, light insulation, and water runoff. The containers’ raised floors are coated to provide a waterproof, non-slip, non-toxic, non-flammable surface. Features include receiver tubes, D-rings, tie down rings, vents, and door latches. Custom sizes, colors, and business branding available.

Portable Storage Container on Lift Moving Truck