Sleeve Packs

Reusable Transport Packaging is the nation’s leading manufacturer and provider of corrugated plastic reusable bulk containers and sleeve packs. Under our industry leadership, RTP produces the highest quality and best value sleeve pack containers in the United States. Our customers include military services, automotive manufacturers, dry goods distributors, and more.

Sleeve Pack Features

Sleeve Pack Reusable Bulk Containers

Sleeve packs are reusable bulk containers that consist of three basic components, a base pallet, a durable plastic sleeve, and a lid. They are quickly and easily collapsed and stowed to optimize storage and return transport. These reusable bulk containers are available in a wide range of sizes, and can be customized with drop doors, printing, custom colors and more. Download our quick reference brochure today!


Various Sizes and Panel Options Available

Our corrugated plastic reusable bulk containers and sleeve packs provide the maximum level of customization for every industry. Options include hinged access panels, various lengths, custom heights, and endless color and printing options.

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One-Touch Locking Bases and Top Caps

With a simple push of the locks, the sleeve sidewalls are secured to pallet bases and top caps. Making the entire sleeve pack container one easily transportable unit.

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Rigid Hexacomb Corrugated Plastic Sidewalls

RTP’s sleeve packs feature innovative, hexacomb corrugated plastic sidewalls. These sleeves are rigid and strong but fold easily at the molded hinges and corners for quick storage.

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Nesting Caps and Base Pallets with 4-Way Fork Access

Our channel locking, twin sheet thermoformed plastic pallets and top caps have a nine-footed base configuration that allows for access from all sides. They also stack conveniently when empty to save space.

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