Stackable Pallets

Stackable plastic pallets are specifically designed with high weight-to-strength ratios, allowing them to handle full loads while stacked two or more pallets high.

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48 x 40 – Stackable Plastic Pallets

Stackable plastic pallets are designed to handle loads up to 5,000 lbs. for dynamic loads and 30,000 lbs. for static loads. Stackable plastic pallets are available with various base designs, including 3-runner configurations, 4-runner picture frame formats, 5-runner designs, cruciform 6-runner designs, and 9 block patterns. They are also available in both open deck and closed deck formats.


45 x 45 – Stackable Plastic Pallet

Stackable plastic pallets feature unique entry guides that minimize damage and are ideal for use in automotive, agriculture, food processing, medical and other industries where bulk material handling is required.