48 x 48 – Specialty Plastic Pallet – Nestable Drum Pallet

SKU: SP4848I105-C13

  • Durability: Designed specifically for heavy industrial use
  • Safety: Designed for the safe storage of hazardous waste including acids, caustics, solvents, oil, and sludge
  • Spill Containment: Holds up to 12 gallons of leaked/overflowed material
  • Proven Design: Industry standard heavy duty pallet for the automotive industry for over 40 years
  • Nestable Design: Pallets nest inside one another when empty, optimizing storage space and maximizing return quantities
  • Washable: 100% plastic construction can be easily cleaned in between use cycles
  • Easy To Use: generous nesting gap between the pallets prevents jams and makes them forklift ready for unstacking
  • Stackable: Fully loaded pallets can be stacked 3 high
  • Fork Access: 4-way forklift  and pallet jack entry (lift truck with 5″ wide and 40″ minimum fork size, pallet jacks with 20″ minimum fork spacing)
  • Reusable: Idea for regular use in harsh environments
  • Options: Numerous color options available for color-coding or asset identification purposes

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This specialty plastic drum pallet is specifically designed to accommodate 55-gallon drums and barrels used in any industry or application.  These drum pallets, when fully loaded, can be stacked 3 high to maximize shipping and storage efficiency. Plastic drum pallets are safer, cleaner alternatives to traditional wooden or metal pallets. Manufactured from high-quality plastics, these plastic drum pallets effectively prevent any mildew/mold, bacteria, and insects from harboring within the pallet. In addition, each pallet features a uniform structural integrity, meaning no weak links, no splintering, and no rusty nails.

This 4848 pallet set the  standard for industrial use over 40 years ago, and was originally designed to safely store hazardous materials such as acids, solvents, caustic agents, oil, and sludge. This pallet design is widely known for its durability and long service life. These reusable plastic pallets are nestable, washable, recyclable and reusable for unlimited use cycles. The super durable 4848 is built to withstand the toughest daily usage and shipping conditions. These pallets have been used by the automotive industry for  55-gallon drums in red label rooms and general stores dating back to 1976, and are also used by the nuclear industry for the storage of depleted uranium.

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Length (in.)48.0
Width (in.)48.0
Height (in.)5.25
Tare Weight (lbs.)75.0
Static Capacity (lbs.)25,000
Dynamic Capacity (lbs.)-
Static Edge-Racking Capacity (lbs.)-
Lip (in.)-
Fork/Hand Truck Entry4-Way
Base Configuration13 feet
Mold Process-
Pallet Quantity-
53' Truckload Capacity600

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